Erik de Bos



Scrum master

What do you get when you cross an Ecologist a php developer and a Scrum Master?

An idealistic pragmatic empiricist, I would say.

  • a good Scrum Master must be an idealist, to persevere in the challenge that is helping others embrace Agile,
  • a php developer must be a pragmatist, being a member of a language community that forms the underdog of the programming community,
  • an ecologist is an empiricist, by training but also by necessity, as it is the only way to grasp the complexity of ecological systems

That's me in any case. Of course, there is more - we are all so much more than our profession. But professionally at least, these, I think, are the main forces that formed me.

I work at SF Professionals

SF Professionals was formed in 2021 and I joined them at the end of the year as their second employee. More than a job or an employer, SF Professionals is a community where we bundle our idealism to pursue our ambition to change the world through Agile.

SF Professionals

Serious Scrum

I am a writer and editor at Serious Scrum , a great community for Scrum practitioners to connect and share experiences, and one of the forces for Agile in The Netherlands.

I try to kepe my articles on the is website too, where you can read them for free.

Agile is a concept we all continuously talk about, but what is it really?


If you would like to comment, please refer to my Linkedin account . Here the intro for my latest one.


Starlit Sea

I used to play bass guitar with starlit sea. Indie rock with a touch of folk, think R.E.M., Porcupine Tree. Check our music on spotify, if you like .

Nowadays I make music on my own, in my tiny low-profile home studio

scrum master
Started drumming
Kamer van Koophandel
scrum master
agile coach and scrum master
senior developer
lead backend developer and scrum master
senior web developer
got my scrum master certificate - PSMI
Yard internet
web developer, project manager
Picked up the bass
web developer
first contact with scrum
Joomla web developer and project manager
first entry into the labour market as a Joomla web developer
started my own company on web development and graphic design
Webdeveloper and webmaster for bio-rights
Webmaster for KLV and Agromisa
Thesis on the effect of development on the sustainability of indigenous people
Research into Orang Utan behaviour
spent 7 months in Indonesia chasing Orang Utans through the forest to figure out the effect of food distribution on their social organisation
Research into plant physiology
spent 3 months in the jungle of French Guyana climbing trees and measuring photosynthesis at different canopy heights
Biology Utrecht University
moved to The Netherlands
moved to the Sultanate of Oman
moved to Spain
Born in Bogotá, Colombia